Eyes Shut

Before I left New Zealand, may not have been obvious to all, but I was more stressed than the average person.

May come as a shock, but moving across the world has its scary and stressful aspects. Prior to actually making my departure for England, the stress came with the planning. Naturally, it’s not a simple task choosing the limited possessions you can take with you, and deciding how you’re going to deal with leaving so many things behind.

Then arriving into a new world, and trying to make a start on your new life, has it’s own unique stresses as well.

My therapy for stress and anxiety is music. The last several nights have been me falling asleep to music, after a good length of time spent in bed – eyes shut – listening to music until my mind shuts down and gives in to sleep. I don’t know if I am the only one, but blocking out the world and trying to analyse the beats and melodies of music is therapeutic and calming, it can distract me from life’s worse stresses. 

I am literally typing this whilst in a trance. Don’t want to think, just want to sit and try not to get overly homesick from the stress that my new, unsettled life is injecting into my usually bubbly mind full of wanderlust. I don’t think being awake all night will help the situation, but it’s inevitable. I need to continue to think positive, and remember that things do always work out. Everything has worked out for me so far, and if I continue to stay motivated and work hard it will continue to do so. Sometimes you just lose track of this simple idea of an outcome, you get stuck in a mind-set of stressing about the impending.

That is one thing about life that is never going to change. The future will always be unforeseeable.

So Paige, think optimism, think now.

Favourite song right now, get into my head (post continued below video):


This draft I found this morning. Since writing this task, all of the things I was originally stressing about have been resolved. I now have an incredible new job with amazing, caring people. I have a new group of friends, and a new found motivation to continue my journey to a healthy mind and body. I am excited for what is it to come because I still do believe that life works out with hard work and perseverance. I miss you friends and family back home, but I strive off the idea that you will always be there when I decide to return.

One thought on “Eyes Shut”

  1. Hey,,,,,,, If you need anything I will always be there for you , whether be at home or not…..
    Kia Kaha stay strong.
    JB ( Jason, Mr Brown, painful man idiot,). Xx

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