When I first got to London and had finally settled in, one of the first things I got told was that time in London flies by like no other place in the world. I thought this was a little dramatic, but now, having already been in London for 5 months, I realise the accuracy of such a saying. My last post was on May 2, and since then so much has happened.


One of the main events since my last blog post was my trip to Cardiff, Wales. As you all know, I moved to London to experience a new life and see more of this world – in particular Europe. So when I got a rare 2 1/2 days off work, I had to take the opportunity and book a trip somewhere. As my first official trip out of England, and what I wanted to be a small budget holiday, I decided on Cardiff – the coastal capital city of the beautiful Wales. I caught a bus from Victoria Bus Station to Cardiff Bus Station, and stayed at Bunkhouse hostel on one of the main roads in Cardiff central. This was an incredibly fun hostel, and was extremely convenient in regards to location. My first morning in Cardiff, I woke up at 6am and left for the bus station with the intention of catching a bus to a small town of Caerphilly on the outside of Cardiff. I had researched Caerphilly and discovered a few gorgeous walks and monuments that I wanted to see. This town was beautiful, and I highly recommend the Caerphilly castle as a day out – lot’s to see, and you may even get the chance to watch Doctor Who being filmed like I did. The rest of my time in Wales was spending exploring the city of Cardiff; a beautiful unique city with charm.

First night in Cardiff, Wales.

Bunkhouse Hostel, Cardiff.

Cardiff Castle – the front of this castle is mismatched, built half in Norman style and half in Roman – beautiful.

//New flat//

Not much to say except I’d had enough of sharing a room, and as soon as a friend whom I work with said they needed a new room mate, my hand could not have hit the sky as fast as it did. Long story short, in a matter of two days I had packed up and moved into my new room – with a double bed – all to myself.  I went from sharing a house with 10+ other people –  with no couches, with a small basket as allocated food space, and not to mention a 10 minute walk to the nearest laundrette just to wash my uniform – to space and a clearer mind. It would be unfair to say I didn’t enjoy living with the people I lived with, I have made what I think to be life long friends, I now have more crazy, hilarious memories, and what’s more, it helped me settle into the busy unscheduled life of being a Londoner. So thank you to anyone from DC reading this, I love you loads.

My new home is crisp, spacious, clean and exactly my taste. It’s a more mature environment, with wooden floors, and clean white walls. I couldn’t be more happy with the better location and the conveniences of the typical household set up; like a dining room, couches, a fully functioning kitchen …and a washing machine (!!!).

I am excited to continue living here.


I have always loved receiving mail. Nothing beats being sent a postcard or a handwritten letter, no matter how short or long. Since I left New Zealand, I have been in touch with both of my Grandmothers via postcard and letter, and they say it is one of the things they wait in anticipation for, and the same goes for me. Today, I went to my old home and collected a letter which I had been expecting from my Grandmother. Having a day off, being a semi-rare occasion, I got a kebab from my favourite kebab shop, walked to Kensington Gardens, sat at the Round Pond and opened the addressed envelope from across the opposite side of the world – why not make a little day out. I finished my kebab (delicious) and began reading the letter. The letter was almost enough to make me full on cry in front of the geese and birds of the pond. It brought tears to my eyes for sure; I was just overwhelmed with how much I realised I miss my family, especially my grandmothers.  In this letter, she responds to my last letter I sent her; she says it made her laugh, says my letters put a smile on her face – that’s what makes it so hard. To know you’re so missed, you have thoughts of  “Does it make me selfish to have moved away?” but then I know, my family are just happy for me, and it’s a two way street of missing each other. Anyhow, after reading the letter and quickly placing in my bag to stop the formation of tears in my eyes, I ran off in excitement to send a letter back as soon as possible. I bought a beautiful card, and after posting this blog, I will attempt to cover all the news that has happened in the restricted space and post it on my way to work.

That’s all from me for a while,

Stay Golden x

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