It’s an itch that needs scratching.

I find it strangely therapeutic and productive to write in the early hours of the morning. Your brain being too tired from being alive and well the day before tends to soften and get lost in creativity – allowing all ideas to just settle through the words on your screen.

It’s 1.40am, I finished work almost 2 hours ago, and I have this literal craving to write. I know I should be sleeping, but knowing I don’t start work until 4pm tomorrow I find contentment in that I can write until my eyes can no longer stay open. I get this feeling of overwhelming passion a lot; an itch that is screaming out to be itched. Writing sure is something.

Currently I am writing a novel, and after reading Paul Arden’s book It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be, I have accepted the fact that it’s good to share your ideas, passions, and plans. When I began writing my novel, I held it close to my heart and didn’t want anyone to know about anything – in fact barely anyone knew I was even writing a novel. I had this fear of my characters or plot being stolen and having to recreate a whole new story. But is an idea really your own? Paul Arden was an intelligent man whom I now aspire to and agree with. Creatively, nothing in this world is 100% your own; inspiration is around us and whether we consciously are aware of it, all of our thoughts and ideas are influenced from externals.

As my story is slowly developing and only just properly forming in my own brain, I am not quite ready to share snippets or updates but it will come. I had a goal of finishing a novel by my 21st, however because I’m coming up on my 20th birthday I am happy to finish it when it’s ready. I already feel a connection with the main character and I can’t wait for others to also.

I’m following my passion because I want to keep moving forward; I will never be the best, because I know there is always opportunity to get better.

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