The Adventure of Planning Ahead.

I find excitement in planning.

Like anything, the lead-up usually is the most invigorating as life quickly becomes an adventure entirely built from anticipation. Planning for the unknown, and things you’ve never participated in, can come with nerves, but also helps to eliminate the unneeded stress and replaces it with happiness at its rawest form. Planning ahead is the closest you get to looking into the future, and by having this control you are the only one to thank, or blame, for the life you choose to lead.

At the moment I am fore thinking out my 2016; making an agenda with the likes of university and everything else I want my year to entail wrapped around the new priority. I have always been a motivated person to constantly be doing things; I moved overseas to experience a new life whilst adventuring to new places yet I start university whilst working full-time; if I have a day off I am out seeing something new, meeting a friend to write or talk with, or strolling down undiscovered streets. Through the filling in of journals, and setting plans in stone, I have the time to be excited for an adventurous year of getaways, my 20th, and the unknown.


I find notebooks and planners a life saving collection of lines and boxes. My favourite make is Moleskine; the beauty and simplicity of Moleskine make it a hobby filling in the blank spaces; dedicating worthy time to people I love, journeys to new places, and allowing myself time to chase passions. Flicking forwards through my planners make me excited in knowing that the days ahead of me will not be wasted but highly productive.

When you finally make decisions you’re writing your story. The small adventures you partake in will mould you into a new and experienced person. Make most of the time set in front of you, before you become just another cookie on the tray.

In your mind plan out the valuable time ahead of you. Find a method of planning that works for you – a beautiful Moleskine diary, a calendar, or even post-it notes on your door. Use your method to prioritise your life but keep in mind that your time is to be spent on your terms; forget about societal norms and write a story you’re proud of.


One thought on “The Adventure of Planning Ahead.”

  1. Time spent in “unproductive” ways is also valuable…time spent digesting and sitting with your experience – noticing how you are – is so important. Be sure to leave spaces for the unplanned and unexpected …try NOT planning and NOT having any expectations from time to time. I have sometimes just taken the first train that comes along and ridden it for an hour or so, and ended up in the most interesting situations and met the most wonderful people – and seen things I never thought I would have. So good. Be courageous and trust your instincts. xx Toni xx

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