Autumnal Update

It’s been a while, you don’t have to tell me twice. To be completely honest with you, it’s purely because I haven’t been able to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, for a while. I  just accepted that the spark would appear soon. And here it is; here I am, writing once again.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, and for the first time ever I’m part way through the Harry Potter series. I’ve read a fair few other books, so I guess my passion for literature and writing didn’t completely evaporate.

In July, my parents came to London, and spent 7 weeks travelling the UK and Europe. I joined in on a portion of their travels; Paris, Switzerland, and Italy. We also sailed on a cruise ship atop the Adriatic sea and saw Greece and Croatia. The enjoyment that came from the incredible sights was immense, but I was happy just to be with my parents. It was exciting to share with them my new London life, but as the 7 weeks came to an end I never knew that saying goodbye would be just as hard as the first time. At least this time round I tactically wore sunglasses to say goodbye.

The day my parents stepped on the plane, my friend Shelley and I also departed for a destination afar – Scotland. With an impending departure of her own, Shelley and I wanted to travel together while she was still living in England. After leaving London in our trusty rental car, we arrived in Edinburgh hours later near 3am. Our four day trip took us up the east coast of Scotland, through the national parks, the stunning Glen Coe, beautiful small towns, and back to Edinburgh. It was four days of laughs, breathtaking countryside, lots of Diet Coke and an escape from the city life.

Since Scotland, Shelley’s left for her own new and exciting adventures.  My parents have been back in New Zealand for close to a month. I’m still in London.

It took a while to move past the initial shockwaves that saying goodbye to my parents created, but now I feel great. I’ve started boxing, I’m touching up on my French, I’m moving flats soon, and work has presented exciting new opportunities. It’s not a fresh start, merely a progression. It’s a step forward. This small change in my life, will give me breathing room to travel more, and getting back to what truly matters to me.

Aspiring to inspire.

It’s also colder now in London, and you know what that means – cable knit sweaters ❄️

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