Your Own Definition of the Wor(l)d

Why is that we constantly feel the need to quickly move forwards? The indirect desire to make progression with our lives? Lately there has been the presence of the feeling that I ought to start to figure out a career path – the journey I need to take to successfully tackle life by societies standards.

Coming up to my third year in London, I’ve noticed that the past month I’ve been feeling as if I were falling behind people my age. My Facebook timeline was increasingly being filled up with the diplomas of my high school peers, and I was sitting in my London flat feeling a headway sense of failure and that time was running out.

This is where shit goes Hollywood. I stood in the front of the mirror and said to myself,

“Paige, you are a 20 year old living in London. What’s the rush?”

I think as individuals, we can’t succumb to the pressure to progress too quickly. If we spend our youths, rushing to the finish line -that ultimately isn’t there – we miss out on every thing else. Imagine running a marathon along the most beautiful coastline in Spain, and having someone run along side you with a black sheet so as to block the view; you would be undoubtedly infuriated. So why is that we sometimes do this in our own daily lives?

After this extremely short, but intense conversation with myself, I came to the conclusion  I hadn’t finished enjoying not having to worry about careers or an ‘adult life’. “Figuring it out” and even the concept of settling down is overrated; there is nothing wrong with living out our youths as long as possible. I was reading back on some of my first posts. I do find this interesting, and it’s for this exact reason I religiously believe in my blog. Merely one year ago, I wanted to be seen older, or at least respected as an adult would. Now, a year later of growth I am trying to embrace my age more than grow past it. I still believe myself to be mature for a near 21 year old,  but I’ve found acceptance in my youth and I’m trying to allow myself to not be so strung up on being accepted into the adult world too quickly.

It’s good to have goals, but I truly believe in having goals of less than 6 months. As I enter my third year in London,  I aim to travel more and immerse myself in all definitions of creativity. But more importantly, enjoy my youth and trust that careers and everything else will happen in due course.

Don’t live too far into the future that your vision gets hazy; get past the first 1km, stop, take a breath and look out at whatever view you’re presented with, before you start the second leg. We don’t all need to finish the race at the same time to be winners.

The world is there to be explored, and your life is to be spent in the ways in which you define a good life. There are only so many tomorrows, don’t waste it in the darkness of conformity if you want to be in the sunshine.

Stay young x

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