Don’t Break My Stride (Bye Bad Vibes)

I can’t be the only who can listen to a song and instantly start getting all emotional, excited and perhaps a little bit too sassy. I found a song the other day, literally called “Don’t Kill My Vibe” by a talented Nordic girl called Sigrid. After sharing this tune with my flatmates, it quickly became our flat anthem – the song we all listen to when we wanna slam some confidence into the room, or to happily strut out the door for a day of passion chasing.  There has been a few changes in our daily lives, and I feel that these changes have brought us closer together. We share more, we spend more time talking our hearts out, and having mini dance parties.

It’s been a combination of making a power anthem playlist, and the girl power chats with these ladies, that has switched my mind completely around this past fortnight. I’ve made a deal with myself, that from here on out I will do my best to surround myself and fill my mind with good vibes. For the most part I am generally a positive person, and I often get mocked for being too supportive, but I truly knew inside that I was still hard on myself some times. I would secretly put myself down, and I began to realise that these bad vibes were getting in the way of putting forward my strongest efforts into many things.  We need to learn to love ourselves, and also to accept compliments and words of reinforcement from others – another thing I’ve promised myself to work on. I’m a word nerd, we all know this, and  lately I’ve also been immersing my mind into positive books, inspirational quotes, and creative guides. Talking to my girls is one thing, but further learning to express my mind through my creativity is something that helps immensely because it involves no one else. The words from these authors have not only sprinkled good vibes onto the pages, but have also inspired me to continue to aim to write as equally inspiring words of my own. This is no hard hitting realisation, I’m always aspiring to inspire, but I feel that now all of my aspiring energy has been revived.

I know as a young adult, especially in high school, it is a lot harder to stop bad vibes from finding their way into your daily life; there’s peer pressure, there’s work, there’s the self doubt that you’re not who you could be or won’t make it to where you ‘should’ be. I feel that when you hit your 20s, it’s a chance to refresh this attitude. It takes time, but you need to find what you like and who you want to be. When you reach this point of knowledge about yourself, it gets easier to reject things that jeopardise your air of positivity. We all need to learn to own our strides and be positive; let’s all say goodbye to the bad vibes and hello to the good.


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