Cafe #5 – Boy & The Body



You ask me about my body as if it’s your business
You ask me about my insecurities as if you want to share them
You ask about favourite body parts as if hoping I say something you have

You’ve never met me
You’ve never seen the way I tug at my skirt when it rides too high
The way I pull my sleeves down because I hate my hands

You ask me to describe the shape of my body
As if you think I’m body confident
When I reply with “I don’t wanna talk about it”
You still go on
You say
“You’re hot”, you say
“Well I think you’re pretty”
Oh fuck, in that case, you’re totally right


You’re a boy with a big mouth
Your words are merely an opinion
You speak with the intention of making me confident
Well, BOY

I don’t need your validation
I see these curves, this extra love around my waist
It’s a challenge to be accepted
Something to conquer

I don’t need to be stick thin to find success
To find love
To find myself

I don’t need someone to tell me to stop prodding and pulling




Café Series | Post #5 | Poetry #2

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