Quarter Century Woman

Hey, remember me?

I couldn’t even tell you the last time I posted a blog on here, but I’m finally back. Back to sitting at the kitchen counter, laptop in hand, putting thoughts to keyboard.

Tomorrow I turn 25. (I know right?!) I’m going to be a quarter of a century old. Scary, but exciting. Since 2021 ticked over, I’ve been struggling with the thought of turning this age. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was celebrating my 20th birthday in England, or Rome, or wherever I chose to be drinking a pint. The age of 25 feels old, and I’ve been feeling like my accomplishments so far have been inadequate for a quarter century gal. The reason I felt like this, because my accomplishments haven’t been physical. I haven’t been able to carry them with me. These accomplishments of which I speak have been travelling; seeing a new country in Europe every month for five years, friendships; global, friends in multiple countries, connections I can’t tell you how grateful I am for, experiences; jobs and adversities that have made me the person I am. I may not have found my place – my purpose in life – just yet, but I have found love. I found who I’ll find my place and purpose with, and that’s irreplaceable. I have a my health, I have security, and I have a job which allows me to save. I may not be where I would have hoped I would be, when I was dreaming at 17 (married, with kids, in my own home) but I am here. I am alive. I am me.

In the last year, I have bettered my life in so many ways. I am not only 10kg lighter physically, but mentally too. With the help of my man, I have found courage in standing up for myself, I’ve finally learnt how to say no, and I have finally clocked on to budgeting. Yup, at twenty-four years old, I finally managed the process of saving money -something I know people may not learn for years. In the last year I have bettered myself in so many ways. I have set myself up for 25 in every way damn possible, and it hasn’t been until this very day that I have realised this.
So, I’m giving myself a big fucking round of applause, for twenty-five is gonna be such a good year. Even the horoscope for Aquarius says so, so it must be true.

Here’s to 2021, and my year as a quarter century woman.